Rosen-LightSail’s new Content Builder will allow teachers to customize existing Rosen-LightSail content and import their own text and assignment content to support students’ needs.

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Import Content

Teachers can import articles via web links, PDFs, or Google Docs to the Rosen-LightSail platform to supplement the existing Rosen-LightSail content and address curriculum text needs.

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Create Your Own Assignments

Teachers can create assignments, such as exit tickets, anticipation guides, assessments, or homework assignments, using the Content Builder’s multiple choice, short response, extended response, and true/false assessment tools. They can also upload their own Google Doc assessments with Google Classroom integration.

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Embed Your Own Questions

Teacher can customize existing Rosen-LightSail assessments to meet their needs in addition to creating their own multiple choice, short response, extended response, poll, and fill-in-the-blank questions, which appear as students read a text.

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Teachers can use or edit preset Rosen-LightSail rubrics or upload their own rubrics to track student progress over time. In the Results feature, teachers can view results at the class and student level broken down by rubric area.

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Share Content

Teachers can share and collaborate on assignments with their colleagues. Once an assignment is complete, teachers then assign due dates for students, are able to track timely submission of assignments, and e-mail students and parents to provide additional support!

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Unit Organization

Teachers can organize their assignments, core texts, and supplemental texts into units, complete with essential questions.


Rosen-LightSail has added color-coded graphs and visualizations so districts can easily act on data. Districts can break down data by specific criteria and standards to provide targeted supports at the district, school, grade, teacher, class, and student levels.

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Grade and Provide Feedback

Teachers can easily grade assignments and provide feedback to students. A student ia alerted when a teacher grades an assignment, and a record of the assignment and feedback is stored in the student’s Portfolio.

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Monitor Results

Teachers can sort and filter results to gauge students’ literacy growth based on a myriad of custom criteria, broken down by skill levels, such as claim, evidence, or analysis, or by demographics and teacher criteria, such as IEP students or ELL students. Teachers can use the filter features to create targeted groups to support students struggling or excelling in the same skill areas.

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Standards-based Results

Teachers can use Rosen-LightSail’s preset Common Core or Reading Tag standards-aligned rubrics or attach their own standards to rubrics and questions in order to track student and class progress by standard over time.

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Teachers can create custom groups of students in order to assign targeted texts and assignments and easily track literacy progress for a specific sub-section of their class.


Rosen-LightSail has expanded upon our previous eReader tools by allowing teachers to share annotations or thoughts directly with individual students and groups to further customize learning. Teachers can also color-code annotations based on literacy skills and teach coding strategies within the eReader. Teachers can also customize instruction for multiple learning styles by embedding media or hiding text within the eReader.

Annotations/Thoughts and Coding Strategies

Teachers can model coding strategies for students and monitor them in texts. Teachers can also share thoughts with individual students or groups by highlighting text in the reader and viewing and responding to students’ thoughts.

Embed Media

Teachers can add links or media to supplement both texts and assignments in order to support multiple learning styles and deepen students’ understanding of the text.

Hide Text

Teachers can hide text in order to control the content students see or to teach different literacy skills such as prediction.