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Distance Learning Challenges:
Using an adaptive literacy platform to meet ELL’s Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing needs.

How can we, as educators facing new distance learning challenges, continue to provide equity and personalized instruction for English Language Learners while assessing their progress toward English proficiency as required by many state laws?

Finding resources for teachers to promote reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities is challenging when delivering instruction online, but it is a critical step in being able to promote a student’s progress toward English proficiency. Join us for a webinar on how Rosen-LightSail’s adaptive platform can help teachers meet the needs of ELL students at different stages of English proficiency and monitor their progress. Rosen-LightSail’s adaptive platform is the right online literacy tool to help teachers close the achievement gap and increase college readiness for all students. Rosen-LightSail’s adaptive platform has helped millions of students and thousands of teachers close the achievement gap with innovative supports unique only to Rosen-LightSail.

Distance Learning Challenges:
Maintaining Literacy Rigor and Meeting IEP/504 Accommodations with Rosen-LightSail.

View a recording where we offer some tips, techniques, and strategies designed to keep our students with learning challenges, such as dyslexia and IEP/504, accommodated so they can continue to thrive in these uncharted times in education.